Affordable Las Vegas Bail Bonds Company

Affordable Las Vegas Bail Bonds Company
Affordable Las Vegas Bail Bonds Company

The Affordable Las Vegas Bail Bonds Company called eBAIL is at your service 24 hours per day to help secure a bail bond for the loved one or family member that has been detained. The Las Vegas Bail Bondsman Company has a staff of seasoned professionals. It’s now possible to secure Bail Bonds in Las Vegas by phone, online or in person.

What is a Bail Bond?

The Bail Bonds in Las Vegas hold the same monetary worth as a cashier’s check from the bank. This bond must be presented to the jail or to the court, to insure the release of the person who has been arrested. The bail bond provided by eBAIL will be for the full amount was set for the person who is incarcerated.

How does a Bail Bond in Las Vegas work?

When the Las Vegas Bail Bondsman secures the bond he can post it to the account of the inmate. The process to release the inmate has begun.

Local Jails in the Las Vegas Area:

City of Las Vegas Detention Center

The Bail Bonds in Las Vegas can be posted in the Las Vegas Jail Bail window, any time during the day or night. Credit Cards are acceptable methods of payment. The bail must be paid in full if the client is paying with cash.

Clark County Detention Center

Purchasing Bail Bonds in Las Vegas provided by the BBB, accredited and licensed eBAIL bondsman, are open 24 hours a day. Because these unexpected calls occur on the same timetable, institutions have different hours when bail can be posted. They have perfected the technique to secure the bail bonds, and have them posted as quickly as 15 minutes.

The Clark County Detention Center Pretrial Services window is open from 8 a.m. until midnight 7 days a week, for the Las Vegas Justice Court.
The Las Vegas District Court has regular hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Regional Justice Center. The extended hours until 8 p.m., are conducted at the CCDC. The experienced Las Vegas Bail Bondsman will speak to Pretrial Services, because all methods of payment are not accepted for every inmate.

Clark County Detention Center Las Vegas
Clark County Detention Center Las Vegas

Henderson Detention Center

The Henderson Detention Center, the Henderson Justice Court and the Henderson Municipal Court are located in the same building. The Bail Bonds in Las Vegas, must be paid to the court that issued the bail. They are open for business from 7:45 a.m. to 5pm, Monday thru Thursday. The extended hours are held at the ‘Jail Bail Gate’. The Henderson Jail works with the Las Vegas Bail Bonds provided by the eBAIL Company.

How to get an Inmate out of the local Jails

Hire an Attorney

The attorneys’ services can become an expensive venture when the bail is set for a minimum of $50,000 or a more exorbitant amount. The attorney has to include the inmate’s court appearance in his schedule, visit his client in jail, and rehearse his statement to address the court, and his fee’s are going to soar. Cancellations of the inmate’s hearing can occur at any time, and the inmate has to remain in jail. This can turn out to be a few weeks or longer depending on the court’s schedule.

Pay the full amount

The Las Vegas Bail Bondsman, will inform the person who is posting the bail, due to the nature of the crime committed, the bail bond may be expensive. The finances are not always available at a moment’s notice to pay a bail bond. The client will be asked to pay a small Affordable fee for the bail bond.

Pay only 15% by purchasing a Bail Bond

The Bail Bonds in Las Vegas secured by eBAIL, charge the client an Affordable 15% of the amount of the bond, that is dictated by the laws of Nevada. The Las Vegas Bail Bonds are Affordable, and eBAIL takes the risk of the client becoming a no-show on the appointed court date.

How expensive is a Las Vegas Bail Bond?

If the bail is set at $20,000, the client will pay 15% which is $3,000 dollars.

Are there payment options?

The eBAIL Las Vegas Bail Bonds Company, will assist the client in choosing the best Affordable payment plans.

Affordable Las Vegas Bail Bonds Company

Regardless of the client’s financial status, eBAIL will pay the court the entire amount of the bail bond.
The eBAIL Las Vegas Bail Bonds Company has built an outstanding reputation of trust and diligent service to their clients. The eBAIL Company has years of experience dealing with the laws, rules and regulations of the Las Vegas counties, cities and penal institutions.

Affordable Las Vegas Bail Bondsman Marc Gabriel
Affordable Las Vegas Bail Bondsman Marc Gabriel