Las Vegas Detention Center Inmate Search

The family members of inmates at the Las Vegas Detention Center can use the center’s website to search for the whereabouts and in-custody status of their loved ones. People charged with misdemeanor conduct in the Las Vegas area are sent to this detention facility, and unfortunately, their family is not always aware of their location or welfare. The inmate search program that can be found on the center’s website is a reliable way to learn the status of anyone in the program.


What is the Las Vegas Detention Center?

If a person is arrested in the Clark County area and charged with a misdemeanor, they will be sent to the Las Vegas Detention Center until either their trial occurs or their bail is paid. The facility maintains a safe and secure environment in order to provide confinement for local misdemeanant criminals. Common crimes of the center’s inmates include shoplifting, domestic violence, marijuana possession, and drunk driving.

Where is the Las Vegas Detention Center Located?

The Las Vegas Detention Center is located in Clark County at 3300 Stewart Avenue in the city of Las Vegas. This facility should not be confused with the larger Clark County Detention Center where people charged with gross misdemeanors and felonies are sent.

What Happens to an Inmate in the Las Vegas Detention Center?

Inmates at the Las Vegas Detention Center are provided with several support services that are designed to make their time served at the center productive. Many of these programs are also used to prepare them to reenter society as productive citizens. Medical services are available 24 hours a day and they are also provided with three healthy meals a day. Personal and group counseling services are available to all inmates in order to push them to face their behavioral problems and accept the consequences of their actions.

The detention center focuses on a person’s eventual release and uses counseling sessions to work toward rehabilitation. Weekly religious services are also made available to aid in this process. The center is home to a library as well as a commissary, and those in good standing also have the privilege of multiple recreational activities. Certain inmates are also assigned job duties within the facility. A visitation schedule is also implemented allowing them to stay connected with family and friends. The combination of these services has proven to improve their social skills and help them become positive members of society upon their release.

How do I Search for an Inmate in the Las Vegas Detention Center?

When a person is arrested and charged with a misdemeanor, it depends on their age and situation as to their family’s ability to stay in contact. The Las Vegas Detention Center recognizes this and has installed a computer program on their website that allows the public to search for detainees. The link for this program can be found at the following website The person in question’s first and last name is required for the inmate search, and their ID number also helps refine the search. Once the inmate search is complete, it is possible to learn the in-custody status of each inmate. The information for minors under the age of 18 or under protective custody, however, will not be displayed. If additional information is needed, also accepts phone inquiries at this number, (702) 608-2245.

How do I get an Inmate out of the Las Vegas Detention Center?

The eBAIL website can also be used to post bail. The ID number is needed for this process and the website accepts MasterCard, Visa, and Discover cards. If the ID number is unknown, a search can be run to find it. Online is not the only option for posting bail, however. The Las Vegas Detention Center bail window located at 3300 Stewart Avenue is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. The window accepts the same major credit cards as the website, but the full and exact amount is needed when using cash—no change will be given.

Once the bail has been paid, males are released at the corner of 1st Street and Lewis. Females are released at the same corner but only during daylight hours. If bail is posted at night, then women are released at City Hall, located at 400 Stewart Avenue. These precautions are taken in order to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the process. Discharges are not made public for this same reason. The best way to stay out of the facility after posting bail is to comply with the conditions of release and appear at the scheduled trial.

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